A Nicholson Roofing have been established over 40 years

Roof Repairs Blackpool Service

We provide a roof repairs Blackpool and Fylde Coast area service. Our goal is to repair, maintain and extend the life of your roof. A Nicholson Roofing incorporate the best of old and new to ensure a roof will last for generations to come.

We repair and replace all roof coverings from slate to tile, profile sheeting to flat roofing and shingles to fibreglass. Lead valleys, back gutters, hips and flashings can all be formed and fitted by our highly experienced roofers. We can replace broken guttering, UPVC fascias and soffits to help keep your roof in a watertight state.

We can carry out Chimney repairs, re-pointing and fitting of pots and cowls, appropriate lead work to maintain an effective chimney system.

Guttering can become blocked or broken, this means the water is not being correctly diverted and overflowing water can cause serious damage to your outside walls, which become saturated and cause damp within the property. Constant flow of water to the ground could also cause potential problems. A Nicholson roofing offer gutter repairs in Blackpool and Fylde Coast area.

Remove your concerns over leaking roofs, damages and general repair by contacting us for your free quotation. If patch repairs are regularly necessary, it may be time for your roof to be re-covered. It is difficult for an amateur to judge whether a new roof is required.

If you need advice about the soundness or safety of your roof, contact A Nicholson Roofing for our expert opinion or for a survey. We will survey your roof and provide you with the best solution to give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you’re roof will protect you and your property from the elements for as long as possible!

Get in contact with A Nicholson Roofing if you want:

Reliable roofers who you can trust for repairs and installations
– Expert qualified roofers with years of experience
– Honest advice on a range of materials
– Roof tiling and slating that you can be proud of
– Competitively priced roofing services

Roof Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is a major reason for old buildings to deteriorate. Preventing rainwater getting in where it can cause harm is most essential. Damp areas on internal or external walls may be due to a roof fault or guttering problems; an early observation can prevent the need for extensive repairs in the future.

Slipped or missing slates or tiles should be re-instated and any broken ones replaced before timbers or plaster ceilings are damaged. Junctions in roofs are potential trouble spots; ridge and hip tiles may be loose and need re-bedding. Lead flashings and mortar fillets at chimneys etc. should be inspected for early signs of deterioration. Ventilation slates should be checked to ensure they have no blockages to prevent good airflow.

Moss build-up is most undesirable, as the moisture retention may cause damage to roof coverings and acidic rainwater run-off to gutters or roofs below can corrode certain metals. A seasonal brushing down can help with build up, once the moss has been removed and the roof treated with a moss-killing agent.

Keeping gutters clear and free – flowing is essential as a gutter leaking onto a wall, soaking it and then freezing can cause considerable damage. Annual maintenance contracts, tailored to your specific needs are welcome, to include annual inspections, and written reports.

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